Are you an utter novice and you want to learn French? This French course provides you with what you need, whether you want to go there as a tourist or whether you want to work there. This course is perfect for you whether you are a working worker or a college student.

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Best way to start learning French: list and order of topics

First French goal-Being respectful, Topic Pronouns, Tu Vous, A verb’s definition of “conjugating

  • Basic terms of greetings and courtesy-various forms of saying “hi”
  • Pronouns of the singular subject-Je, tu, il, Elle, on
  • The distinction between tu, toi, te, t ‘and Vous in French
  • Nous, Vous, ils, Elles watch out the ‘s’ are silent! Plural subject pronouns.
  • In the current indicative tense, Aller
  • Telling “how are you” and responding
  • Thank you, welcome and please, because you ought to be respectful at all times.

Second French priority- Having the right to pronounce the ER verbs. Comprehension of the discrepancy between the French spoken and written

  • Present indicative “to be” tense
  • How to learn the French verbs: there is a wrong way of writing and a wrong way of learning.
  • Verbs in ER + consonant only for pronunciation. That’s what’s most important!
  • Verbs in the written form of ER + consonant. But don’t let them trick you with silent emails.
  • Mastering drills “elision” +

Third Goal for French Beginners – Beginning To Bring Simple Sentences Together With Nouns. Mastering the Le, La, Les pronunciation and knowing the distinction between topics

  • Le, ma, l ‘, les, distinctions of pronunciation and usage
  • Aimer-a verb that can be complicated (to be in love and to like)
  • Spelling and grammar, the verb préférer
  • Make a noun plural-in French the silent S
  • OK, but they are less frequent than regular ones! Irregular plural

Fourth the Papers are the Fourth Point French Beginners Can Learn. When Le, Ma, Les Un, Une, Des,To Use. Awareness of the difference between a noun and an adjective

  • Un, une: grammar and usage
  • Des = more complex in Z than “some” + liaison
  • Introduction to the verbs of Se or S and the gliding pronunciation of reflexive pronunciations
  • S’appeler + cultural explanations of how to present yourself in French in several respects
  • How to pronounce French and France: the French adjective is added