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Welcome to Frenchyard, your pathway to IELTS excellence in Ambala City, Haryana, India. Our well-established institute is proud to offer a complete IELTS course designed to elevate your skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, we address specific challenges, ensuring a thorough understanding of each module.

What Sets Our IELTS Course Apart

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our course encompasses all four modules of IELTS, integrating grammar and vocabulary enhancement along with essential test-taking strategies. Be prepared for success in every aspect of the exam.
  • Individualized Attention: Benefit from personalized attention as our experienced instructors work with you to refine your skills, addressing any areas of difficulty and boosting your confidence.
  • Online Flexibility: Achieve your IELTS goals from the comfort of your home with our online classes. Whether you’re a local student or joining us remotely, our courses are tailored to meet your needs.
What You Will Gain:

Upon completing our IELTS course, you will:

  • Master Basic English Skills: Develop a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary, essential for acing the exam on your first attempt.
  • Decode the Exam: Learn valuable tips and tricks to decipher the nuances of the IELTS test, ensuring you approach each section with confidence.
  • Global Job Readiness: Unlock opportunities for basic to intermediate level English jobs worldwide, as our course prepares you for real-world communication in a professional setting.

Course Details

Course name
Indian (Online & Offline)
Foreign (Online & Offline)
7k / Month
10k / Month
7k / Month
10k / Month
6 Days /3 Hours
6 Days /3 Hours

What you will learn

With the help of IELTS, the students can easily learn basic English skills that includes grammar and Vocabulary which are mandatory for cracking the exam in the first attempt. Also, the course includes various tricks that are required in order to successfully decode the right answer. After the course of IELTS the students are eligible to handle any basic or intermediate level of English job throughout the globe.

Beyond Exam Success:

English isn’t just a language; it’s an exciting journey. Discover why:

  • Fun Learning: Experience the joy of learning English in an engaging and interactive environment.
  • Cultural Connection: Immerse yourself in the language of culture, broadening your perspective and connecting with people globally.
  • Gateway to Higher Education: Open doors to higher education opportunities with proficiency in English, a language valued by universities worldwide.
  • Access to the World: Break down language barriers and gain access to a world of information, ideas, and opportunities.
  • Favorite Among Learners: Join the millions who choose English as their preferred language for its richness, versatility, and global significance.
  • Impress and Attract: Elevate your social and professional presence with English proficiency, making yourself the center of attention.
  • A language that is fun to learn.
  • The language of culture
  • A Language for higher education
  • Learning English give you Access to the world
  • English is a favorite among language learners
  • English language helps to impress others and be the center of attraction

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At Frenchyard, we don’t just teach English; we empower you for success. Enroll in our IELTS course today and embark on a journey of language mastery and global possibilities.

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