The top 8 reasons to learn French

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Learning French is one of the daunting tasks and the oldest spoken language alongside English. Many of the English words we use every day have their roots in french as a result, it is quite easy to understand and learn the majority of the french language including the alphabet although speaking it can be a bit tricky. Search today for french courses training Ambala.

Here are some of the major 8 reasons you might want to get acquainted with the French Language. Includes,

  1. One of the official languages of Canada: Canada is one of the most french spoken countries in the world. French is one of its official languages and is widely used across the country. Citizens and immigrants are always urged to learn french as it will also give them a good impression at office works in the country. It is not just spoken in the province of Quebec but in all provinces as there are numerous small french communities spread across the country. It is also one of the most widely used languages in the Canadian Parliament as well as in the courtrooms. It is also one of the topmost languages of choice among Federal civil services.
  2. Improves the chance of getting better opportunities regarding education: Learning French alongside English and having fluency in both languages can be very beneficial to you in many aspects of life. It will also help you go to well-known and reputed educational institutions across the world. Fluency in French will also allow you to apply to top colleges and universities in countries like France, Canada, etc.
  3. Improved Job Opportunities: Learning french will also give you an edge over other employers as you will be fluent in both English and French, both of which are widely spoken across the world and are considered an official languages in many countries. French can also give you a very good reputation during meetings and job-related discussions with foreign clients.
  4. Development of the Brain: It is a very well-known fact that learning a new language stimulates the brain to form new neural joints and hence, increases the overall brain function. Thus, learning a language like French will also help you memorize things faster and allow you to have good mental health even in your old age.
  5. Learning additional Language: Learning some extra language other than your native language can be very interesting and will also help you boost your educational qualifications. Many colleges and schools across the world are interested in taking in students who know french along with English.
  6. Traveling: Travelling to french speaking countries and knowing french is a pretty mind-blowing experience as you will be able to immerse yourself in the french culture more easily.
  7. French is widely spoken: After English, French is the most widely spoken language in the world as more than 2.7 billion people can read and write french. Also, nearly half of the English words have some feet from french words as a result one can very easily learn the language and even write it.
  8. A language of International importance: French is a very important language across the country due to its simplicity and richness in vocabulary. It is used by many large companies and international organizations such as UNESCO, NATO as well as the Olympic committee.

These are some of the major and interesting reasons which you must take into your notice while planning for taking a french lesson and learning french by heart. Have a good day. Search today for an online french teacher in India