One of the most used and loved languages in the whole world and today status French. French is originally spoken in France, but this language is very popular. In today’s date, multiple schools prefer teaching students how to speak and understand French, which enhances the knowledge about global linguistics. It is a language that is in great popularity worldwide, and there are multiple reasons behind it. French is the second most commonly spoken language after English in today’s date, which makes it very important for a person to understand basic French things like how could you say how are you.

Reasons to learn French

There are multiple reasons why a person should consider learning French in today’s date. One of the primary reasons friends are so popular is that it is a global language, and it helps you when interacting with people on a global platform. French being the second most spoken language after English makes it essential for a person to understand the basics of the French language. Knowing basic French can allow you to explore the international job market, which provides you with better job opportunities. If you are traveling, there are multiple opportunities and chances that you would come across a French person where you might have to interact in French, which makes it essential to understand basic French.

How to speak the basics of French 

The two most basic things that A person should know about French languages are how to say hi and ask how you are. How are you is a phrase asked in every language, but knowing how to use that particular phrase in French is very important. It is commonly used while interacting with people worldwide, and using it in their native language makes it a lot more comfortable in interaction with the person.

To understand how to speak the basics of French, a person can take French online classes where several things can be taught to a person who will help them interact in French. This can help you understand French in the best possible way and make you have some good practice in speaking and interacting in French.

The basics 

To know the basics of the French language, the first thing a person would do when they interact with the French person is say hi. Hi is spoken as salut in French. When you treat a French person salut instead of saying high, it creates a very positive impression in the mind of a person and creates a different comfort level throughout the whole conversation. The most important thing which A person should know how to say in French is how are you. How are you is a phrase that increases the communication barrier between the two persons. In French, how are you spoken as Comment Allez-Vous? This phrase denotes the translation for how are you, which a person can say to ask a French person how they are currently.

Knowing French can be used benefit in today’s date. Knowing the basic translation of common communication phrases in French is essential as it provides you with multiple benefits and several exposures to the international world.