Au revoir… au revoir… au revoir…Is the main French goodbye a large portion of us learned, and it is not difficult to stall out with it.

Yet, there is a wide range of, unmistakable approaches to bid goodbye in French contingent upon the circumstance and who you are conversing with.

In this article, we will show you 10 too valuable words and expressions to cover everything from “see you later” in French to telling somebody goodbye for eternity.

Here are 10 different ways to bid goodbye in French, beginning with the most formal to the most easygoing. 

  1. Adie:

Goodbye is certifiably not a French goodbye to be messed with or utilized frequently. It is profoundly formal, and it has a feeling of resoluteness. Avoid this one except if you never plan on seeing the individual again or one of you is on your passing bed.

  1. Bonne journée / Bonne soirée:

Utilize these articulations toward the end of a discussion as you head out in different directions with somebody for the afternoon or night. You may utilize this when leaving a shop or after talking with a partner, you ran into in the city.

Both of these articulations are moderately formal however utilized frequently by local French speakers.

  1. IÀ plus tard:

In its full séances, à in addition to tard is a to some degree formal French goodbye. Note that the last “s” of in addition to isn’t articulated.

Monet, there is an abbreviated, more easygoing adaptation—you can just say à in addition to.

  1. À bientôt / À tout à l’heure:

These easygoing articulations are fundamentally the same. À promote à l’heure, notwithstanding, recommends that you will see the individual eventually, sometime in the afternoon, though à bientôt could mean you will see them later in the week

  1. À domain:

It is very basic! This one is incredible to use by the day’s end with those you see consistently grinding away or school.

  1. À la prochaine:

In a similar vein as the exacting interpretation of au revoir à la prochaine demonstrates that you plan on seeing the individual you’re conversing with again later on.  So don’t utilize this one for individuals you might want to evade.

  1. Salut:

Regardless of whether you use it as a welcome or an approach to escape, salut is a versatile articulation that can be utilized to bid goodbye in some degree easy going way.

  1. Ciao:

Those shrewd French are not above acquiring phrases from different dialects, however, which is the reason French has many acquired words from English. Ciao is an extraordinary method to say “goodbye” to companions of any language.

  1. Je m’en vais:

If it has been a taxing night at a gathering with companions, and you are taking off your own way, this one is an extraordinary method to exit.

  1. Je me casse / Je me tire:

Both of these mean the generally something very similar, yet they are more informal than number nine, and they will be viewed as fairly hostile in the affable organization. In this way, the client is careful!


So, here are the best ways to say goodbye in French. Make sure to learn and pronounce each word carefully for better understanding and analysis.