Learning a second language like French can be a lot of fun and a very useful skill for anyone. After English, French is the second most spoken and taught language in the world. Knowing the French language can open doors of opportunities in a variety of occupations all around the world. It improves your chances of a better job a better life.

Living in Canada, knowing both the languages – English and French is essential, and more importantly if you are planning to travel or live in Quebec. There are different parts of Canada, where the French language is more prevalent and spoken. It can be quite difficult to answer the question – ‘Where all is French spoken in Canada?’.

Canada is a bilingual country, but its provinces claim to be monolingual. But officially, there is only one monolingual province in Canada, and that is Quebec. The rest of the provinces are either monolingual English or bilingual (English and French both).

The Province of Quebec – the only monolingual province of Canada where only French is spoken

If you are pursuing online French classes Ambala, then you must know that however French is widely spoken in Canada along with English like Montreal, the Quebec province of Canada has only one official language, and that is French.

Though it is also true that not everyone in Quebec is a native French speaker, the province has the largest French-speaking population, as compared to other regions of the country. In a few other provinces bordering Quebec, like in the East – New Brunswick and in the West – Ontario, the French language is widely spoken.

New Brunswick: Like the country of Canada as a whole, New Brunswick is bilingual. In the majority of the place in the province of Brunswick, you will find more francophones. Many people in the province are also bilingual.

The provinces of Quebec and Brunswick may be officially French-speaking, there are other areas in Canada there is a large population of people, who speak French, although being in an English-speaking province. Ontario is another such province, Canada’s capital, and bordering the province of Quebec.

In Ontario, to promote bilingualism in the country, many bilingual schools have been established and children in these schools are exposed to learning French from an early age.

Learn French only from the best online French teacher in India. If you are visiting France, you can find many small French-speaking communities, in the Western province of Canada.  A small francophone community can be found in Manitoba, and in Alberta, approximately 2% of the total population are native French speakers.

French is widely spoken in Canada, and not just in the province of Quebec. Numerous small islands are surrounding Canada, that are officially French territories and French is spoken in these islands naturally. But these islands cannot be officially termed as French-speaking areas of Canada, as they are not a part of the Canadian territory.

French is one of the two official languages of Canada, and almost every province in Canada has people whose mother tongue is French. Quebec is the only province, where the majority of the population are French speakers.